Early Career

“Near my home town lies a wild area of land which has a river running through a ravine and through a steep-sided moss-laden pool. This was a childhood playground and I found that the recurrence of this particular place in my imagination was the stimulus to paint. This childhood place serves as the basic environment for a lot of my paintings.

I find myself continually drawn to the creation of a pictorial symbolism, using more frequently a central image abstracted from the human form with varying amounts of subjective distortion in order to create a mood in the landscape. The symbolic element is increasing I feel as it not only encompasses the human form, but also essential elements of nature such as land, sky and cloud structure. These images are speaking more clearly the language of awareness and emotion experienced in the landscape. I feel exposed in the heart of a landscape and I value the dialogue that exists between us; the acute awareness of these vibrations often being the stimulus to paint.

I am often very inspired by dreams, though I don’t feel that my painting is very akin to the surrealists. I feel that there isn’t the same superficial incongruity in my work. There is more logic, I feel, in it and there is a tie-up within the picture of the images.”  Neil Dallas Brown


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