Shroud Series / Ulster Paintings

“I am painting my fears and anxieties, attempting to endow the imagery with mysticism, poetry and a spiritual significance. With the shroud series (in symmetrical sequence) I am making an effort to render a metaphysical experience to the viewer. In the dog paintings their lithe and hostile strength is usually counterpointed against a linear hardness which symbolises the highly sophisticated weapons of modern warfare. They are surrogate victims symbolising the vulnerability of flesh and spirit in a violent and mechanistic society.

I find working thematically tests me considerably as it gives rise to the question of having a resourceful and supple enough artistic imagination to continue creating variations and permutations within a closely related range of images without lapsing into tedious restriction or repetition.

I must also state that many of these images are attempts to create a contemporary emblem for the crucifixion and although they may have a disturbing presence to some I also hope that, despite their solemnity and portentous nature, they are informed by a certain dignity and power.” Neil Dallas Brown


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