Neil Dallas Brown 1938-2003

He read about, thought about and talked about art. A great encourager and champion of those he felt had the same dedication. In his opinion the true artist would make time, would have to make time, whatever, to make their art and so feel complete and fulfilled. The first to pick up pen or ‘phone to congratulate or commiserate he was a generous friend but tenacious adversary.

He took up road running in an effort to combat the depression from which he suffered for over thirty years. He enjoyed fishing (in the river definitely not in the boat or on the bank) dog walking, pipe smoking, Guinness and whisky.


“Painting is love.

Painting is an affectionate devotion.

In any true and natural artist there is an inner life or voice which must be externalised or that individual cannot lead a reasonably happy and balanced existence, they will not be complete or fulfilled without the struggle of the creative act. It takes much time, thought and effort, a true labour of love.”

Neil Dallas Brown